What's new at frogdream

  • Added photos of my new Mazda3 MPS.
  • Added links to the page for my trip to the Whitsundays in May.
  • Reconstructed after disk failure with no recent backups.
  • Fixed spacing issues on what's new page.
  • Moved the site source from CVS to Subversion.
  • Fixed the broken images for the Canada/USA page and the 3801 page.
  • Changed the size of the 3801 pictures down to 35% full size to save space.
  • Finally got around to doing something about the photos from my trip to Canada and the USA).
  • Went for a steam train ride behind 3801 down to Robertson in the Southern Highlands (see 3801 Limited). See the photos and movies. Note the photos are big.
  • The next trip has been chosen. I'm off to the USA and Canada on Jun 26, 2004.
  • Finally got around to scanning the photos from my UK trip. See the UK page.
  • Added more pictures of my nephew Will courtesy of his Aunt Margot.
  • Came to my senses and didn't use BigPond when I returned to Australia. Instead got my ADSL connection through Internode
  • Being a little bored and wanting to try out my new mobile phone, I decided to make a WAP version of my website. It can be seen at http://www.frogdream.com/wap/index.wml if anyone cares.
  • It was pointed out to me that I hadn't updated the site for my UK trip (subtle Debbie!). I had actually done a small update (as always incomplete) but couldn't upload it as I had limited net access. It would appear that I forgot after I had real access again.
  • I applied for a work permit to work in the UK and it came through ! I'm leaving on the 2nd of September for two weeks of touring the UK before having to look for a job.
  • Added some photos of my nephew Will supplied by his Aunt.
  • My second nephew (William Alexander Jackson) was born to my brother Tim and his wife Cath. A brother for Olivia and Lauren. Well done guys !
  • Added pics of my Maldives trip.
  • Fixed minor bug where a hidden field was causing erroneous blank space under Mozilla.
  • Another round of upgrades to make the maintenance easier and make the look and feel better across different browsers.
  • Fixed the captions on the photos of my niece's christening.
  • Upgraded the Europe pages to the new styles.
  • First update for a while. Installed the updated version on the live web server.
  • Didn't go live. Rebuilt the top level directory from XML sources and using XSLT to create the HTML. Couldn't have been done without the code from the excellent Apache Jakarta and XML Projects. The new version will make it easier to update in the future, removes the use of frames and ensures consistency of the look and feel.
  • frogdream.com and my Internet access was via One.Net but with the demise of Onetel I had to move things. I decided that it was time for a faster connection so decided to go for a BigPond ADSL connection. I was hoping for an orderly change over from one to the other but that didn't happen. The One.Net connection stopped on Monday evening and Telstra were due on Tuesday morning. However, it took a while for things to get sorted out here and also for the DNS changes to get through so that mail and web access are going to the new hosting service (Aussie Hosts). Almost everything is up and going again after a few nights on limited sleep.
  • Start rebuilding of site after a major disk corruption. I only had a backup from a long time ago hence there is a long gap between the dates.
  • Hmm. Things broke after a failed attempt to install a new JDK release and I forgot to change a symlink back. Things did work with the old release until I rebooted. Thanks to Darren for pointing it out !
  • Added the missing days of the tour (still in bullet form).
  • Hopefully I'll add the details soon :-)
  • Added the photos but haven't linked them up with the correct days yet. Instead they are film and photo order plus the group and rafting photos.
  • Well the scanner's working fine now. I just had to reinstall Windows 98. What a load of *&%!*. Can't give a useful error message leaving you with the unenviable task of deleting everything and starting again. Linux rules.
  • Tried the scanner on my sister's PC and it worked fine. Sigh. Just didn't like my setup.
  • Decided to buy myself a scanner but unfortunately, Windows didn't like it. It would only spit out the extremely useful message Error Code: 1F7 Lots of anguish.
  • Started to add the story of my New Zealand Contiki tour from 16/10/1999 to 01/11/1999.
  • Fixed the counter problem by upgrading Apache JSSI to the latest release
  • Discovered the new counter on the main page was having problems so it's disabled until I can find time to look at the problem
  • Ran weblint on some pages and fixed the reported errors
  • Changed the counter on the main page as the old one didn't work reliably - the bad thing is the counter gets reset :-( - maybe that will shut Louie up !
  • Added a page for my next trip (to New Zealand)
  • Day 6 added to my European trip page
  • Put a plug in for Pacific Synergies on the Queensland 1999 page.
  • Added day 5 to my European trip page
  • Added this What's new page
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