Matt's Trip to The United Kingdom

It was time do another Contiki and with my work permit to the UK coming through the plan was to do the United Kingdom and Ireland tour between leaving my life in Australia and starting my new one in the UK. However, due to time and money considerations, the Ireland part was dropped. The only point was the date. I was hoping to go and see the Edinburgh Tattoo but decided (correctly in the end) that two weeks was not enough time to pack up everything and take off. So it was put back a week. Until I found out that the tour that week had been cancelled. So back another week it went.

In the end the delays were not too bad because it took me a while to organise things in Australia and the gang on tour were really great.

Eventually I've got around to scanning the photos from my United Kingdom trip. Only two rolls of film, the first mostly of scenes from the trip and the second mostly of my fellow Coos on the last day of the UK tour. I'm a bit hazy on some of the places but I'm sure my fellow Coos will correct my more obvious errors. is the personal web space of Matt Jackson (mjj at