Matt's Europe Trip Details

Today's first stop was the Heineken factory where Edwin does a lot of work on the air conditioning and heating systems. Normally you can't get in to the factory but we managed to get in as visitors. Unfortunately, a number of the production lines were closed for cleaning on the day we visited but one unit was operating and we could watch the bottles fly by. The whole unit is automated from cleaning and washing through to putting the little caps on.

 Some views of the Dutch Parliament buildings
 Some views of the Dutch Parliament buildings

Our next stop was the Hague where the Dutch Parliament sits. There was some announcement about the makeup of the new coalition so there were lots of reporters and tv crews around. We discovered when we got back that we made the evening news - well we were spotted walking by in the background.

We went and saw the beach by the Hague where there was a big mall and lots of tents/marquees along the beach. We climbed up the tower there too but it was in really bad condition but gave us a nice view of the restored beachfront hotel.

into the main square to sit in the evening sun and knock back some more beers with Edwin's friends. is the personal web space of Matt Jackson (mjj at