Frogdream FAQ

Why Frogdream ?

The name frogdream came about (strangely enough) after a dream I had one night. I was visiting my parent's place and my niece was there too. She had to do a project for school about frogs. So we thought we would look up frogs in the old encyclopedia. However when we went to do this we discovered that they had all been given away as they weren't used anymore.

Then, we thought we would look them up on the Internet but we got back so many hits that it was hard to get the required information. When I woke up, I remembered the dream and thought that I could make my fortune writing a better search engine.

Unfortunately, I haven't made my fortune yet but the domain was available so I grabbed it in the hope that one day I would get my act together and write the software.

The logo

The logo is thanks to my sister Margot (thanks sis) it isn't finished yet but it still looks cool.

Frogdream is the personal web space of Matt Jackson (mjj at